my work


     I have always had a passion for woodworking. As a child I loved making many things, one of which, was a pair of snowshoes, made of willow wood, that I still have to this day. Because of my love for woodworking, I took all of the wood shop, and cabinetmaking classes that I could take, and I was privileged to work alongside a talented craftsman for many years, to help me develop my talents.

     I was blessed to be raised in a home that allowed and encouraged me to be creative. My mother was a gifted artist, and my father was a hard working  laborer, who was always inventing things to help our lives to run smother. They taught me by example to love and serve others, and to have integrity. I owe all that I am to my wonderful parents.

     I have a love for wildlife, nature, and the beauties of this wonderful earth. I love native wildflowers, and I help to propagate them by collecting and spreading their seeds across the hillsides each year. I love photographing these flowers, animals and landscapes. I am an avid gardener, and I enjoy spending time in my yard and garden, it helps me to be creative.

     I am the father of four beautiful daughters, who along with their husbands, have blessed my sweetheart and I with thirteen wonderful grandchildren, that are the joy of my life. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family, on vacations and other gatherings, that we have often. My family is truly my everything.

     I thoroughly enjoy helping others design and create whatever they can dream of.


Rebecca Davidson

We recently finished a very complex 1.5 year build project. I had the opportunity to work with many subcontractors during this time period. Hands down Jerry distinguished himself as a cut above the rest. I had an intricate vision of what my cabinets could be. Jerry made them a reality. All I can say is my cabinets are a work of art. He has artistic vision and talent. But beyond that Jerry is a man of his word. He is an excellent and patient communicator. I give an unqualified 5 star review for Jerry’s craftsmanship, customer service, attention to detail and integrity. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. (Google Review)

John Oblad

Perfection is the only word that describes the quality cabinets Jerry Robertson created for our remodeled home. He was always on time and met every deadline. When people come over, they are taken back how beautiful the new cabinets look. My favorite is the custom dinner table Jerry made for our kitchen. My wife was more than pleased with the outcome. She now has her dream home. (Houzz Review)

Wayne Downs

I build antique reproduction furniture myself but didn't have time to build a complete kitchen myself. Robertson Cabinets of Lindon, Utah has built kitchens and stand-alone furniture for several people I know and came highly recommended. I have truly been pleased myself. The cabinets are absolutely gorgeous. The raised panel doors are meticulously done. The drawers are square, solid, and nicely mounted. I had everything done in cherry, and it looks beautiful with no sapwood. Nicely done, Jerry. You can work fore me anytime. (Houzz Review)

Bill De Groot

Jerry Robertson is a true professional. We renovated an old home in Alpine, Ut and hired Jerry to build all the cabinets in our kitchen and bathrooms. Jerry has a keen attention for detail, he was very open and easy to work with, and he brought up things throughout the process that we had not thought about or considered. The cabinets turned out better than we could have imagined. The cabinets are beautiful, and we are very impressed with the quality. We look forward to having these cabinets for a long time. We absolutely recommend Robertson Cabinets to anyone. (Houzz Review)

Matt Krull

Very professional! Jerry and his team were great communicators and amazing cabinet makers with fantastic attention to every detail. He followed up with us to make sure everything was to our liking before sending a final bill. I hope to work with Robertson Cabinets again, and I am very confident in referring him to anyone looking for custom cabinetry. (Houzz Review)

Stan Johnson

Great experience and exceptional workmanship. Jerry was very quick to return phone calls, and most often answered when we called. Considering how busy he is, that's pretty amazing. Gerald, his assistant, and Kade were also very helpful, professional, and did great work. Jerry was great and took all the time necessary and met all our time requirements. We feel we would highly recommend him and his staff. We feel we have gained a new kitchen and bathroom cabinets and a friend! (Houzz Review)

Debi Wolsey

Robertson’s cabinets were so easy to work with! They were honest reliable and punctual! They made our remodel project go very smoothly! (Google Review)

Maryam Chaney

Jerry did an amazing job creating a cabinet design for our kitchen renovation. He was able to solve problems for some of our spaces and we are very pleased at the result. He also did beautiful work for our bathrooms and laundry room. The quality of the cabinets and hardware is second to none, and Jerry is a delight to work with. We can't wait to move in and enjoy his craftsmanship! (Yelp Review)

Sarah Hymas

We remodeled our kitchen and powder room and the cabinets that Jerry and his crew made are absolutely beautiful and obviously high quality. Jerry was generous with adding on extras like pull out drawers at a minimum price. His crew also removed my old kitchen cabinets and appliances (something my husband and I had no time or skill level to do) which allowed me to sell them and help offset my renovation costs. I was happy with Jerry's pricing in comparison to other bids especially when his work was such high quality. He is a man of integrity and I am happy to recommend him to anyone. (Houzz Review)

Todd Bergeson

Jerry came to our home to put some big bookshelves in our large family room.  We literally drew out a sketch on a piece of paper hoping he could build something similar.  After they were installed we were astounded by how amazing they looked.  He exceeded our expectation with these shelves and they were exactly what we had in our heads.  Jerry and Gerald were amazing to work with and I would highly recommend them for any job you might have.  Do not worry, this man is a craftsman not just a "wood guy" or a "cabinet guy". (Yelp Review)

John Magnusson

We ripped out our mudroom and had Jerry and his guys come in and build us cabinets and lockers for our kids coats, boots, backpacks, etc. They were fast and did a great job. As is often the case, we wanted some changes part way through the job, and Jerry was very accommodating, with his number one goal being the satisfaction of his customers. He made sure we were 100% satisfied before wrapping up the job. I would absolutely use Robertson Cabinets again! (Google Review)

Fred Weibell

"We highly recommend Jerry Robertson from personal experience. He very recently built cabinets for our new basement kitchen. They are beautiful and very well done!! We are proud to show them to everyone! (LinkedIn Review)